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  1. We are a young couple making hot videos. Please subscribe my channel and enjoy ❤

  2. Ya’ll only cared when she wanted to make people feel sympathetic by presenting herself as this lost young women who was manipulated by the EVIL WHITE MAN. She should have considered the ramifications that would come from doing just one video. If she tried to get a legit job, you think they going to hire her after this?

  3. I am looking for a man that can mentally stimulate me and also be able to please me sexually. I would like to find a man that is willing to be discreet and not get overly involved. You must be a good time and treat me with respect when we are together.

  4. i wanna have a lit BBQ and just be surrounded by great ppl and loud 90’s & early 2000s music

  5. Is it just me or do u like it when guys finger you while your in your jeans and you guys are making out?

  6. I was really hoping for Destiny 2 to be good but it seems to be pretty bad. Changed wayyyyy too much from Destiny 1.

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